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Gratitude Matters: Here I am Lord

Gratitude Matters
Kathleen Bowen, St. Peter’s, Morristown

As fearful as I am at this time, I would still love to be of some use to the community in general. We live in a community of 1,600 residents. Our medical center and management have added additional time of quarantine to our schedule.

I am always grateful for our Lord, our Saviour and help. We were quarantined already because we were in close proximity to someone off campus, who tested positive for the virus. We wash our hands between us religiously, look out of our window at the approach of spring. Listen to music, books, do puzzles and call our friends, near and far to see how they are feeling. Our voices are cheerful, for those who are still home bound. I want to hold all of GOD'S people in my heart.

The first responders and health care workers are of our first regard. The employees in our community deliver all objects with gloves and masks. We have had some FaceTime with our off-campus doctors. It is our will to help all, whether it is a phone call, a photo, or other contact, or donations to food pantries.

God is always our guide and comforter.