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The Hegg Awards: Twenty years of honoring seniors for their time and talent

2017 Hegg Awards
Senior Ministries

How often do we take the time to recognize individuals who have provided years of support to the ministries in our congregations? We are referring to our seniors, who are among the Diocese of Newark’s most active and productive volunteers. Now is the time to honor these individuals for their leadership and wisdom and for the countless gifts of time and talent they have shared with their congregations and the community.

How can we honor seniors?

In this diocese, congregations can easily honor seniors by naming up to two members per year as recipients of the annual David P. Hegg III Lifetime Achievement Award. Typical honorees are individuals who faithfully share their ideas, talents, wisdom, and life experiences in activities that strengthen our worship and extend our outreach to those in need.

Instructions for submitting the names of honorees to the diocese can be found on the Senior Ministries page, along with a list of past honorees and additional information about the award.

About the Evensong

Sponsored by Senior Ministries, the awards will be presented by Bishop Beckwith on Sunday, June 10 at the 4 PM evensong preceded by a 3 PM reception at St. Peter’s in Morristown. This evensong is one of the best attended diocesan events.

About the Rev. David P. Hegg III

The awards are named in memory of a man who was a tireless advocate and innovator in matters of retirement and aging. In his 34 years as a parish minister, the Rev. David P. Hegg III served churches in upstate New York, Missouri, and New Jersey, serving as rector at St. Peter’s, Morristown from 1982 to 1996. In March, 1996 Hegg joined the Church Pension Fund staff as Senior Vice President of the Church Pension Fund and Director of Pastoral Care and Education.

Throughout his career, Hegg was deeply involved in issues involving aging and advocacy for the elderly. During his six-year ministry with the Church Pension Fund, Hegg traveled extensively, working with Episcopal clergy who were planning their retirement. He promoted educational conferences on financial planning and long term care issues for clergy and their spouses. In addition, he was an advocate for the needs of surviving spouses and also an advocate for organized ministry to retired clergy.

Hegg’s commitment to matters of retirement, aging, and the role of seniors in the congregation made him the natural selection in 1991 to chair Bishop Spong’s Task Force on Aging, which was subsequently called the Commission on Aging. That Commission is now named Senior Ministries.

In 2002 at the age of 64, Hegg died unexpectedly of complications from heart surgery. Hegg’s legacy of advocacy continues to be a guiding force in the work of Senior Ministries. Inspired by his commitment and leadership, Senior Ministries continues Hegg’s legacy by honoring seniors for their contributions of time and talent to their churches’ ministries and to their congregations.


Additional information or answers to any questions about the Hegg Awards can be obtained through the following resources: