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Feed the Solution Program

Paper bags decorated by children from every congressional district.
The Rev. Diane Riley
"Food for thought can't live without it" Most everyone has donated food to help the hungry. Many have cooked and served a hot meal. But on May 18, thousands of children all over the state provided their voice, and by doing so may contribute to providing millions of dollars that can help feed hungry children for the next ten years. Every five years congress reauthorizes the programs that provide low-income children with free lunch and breakfast and summer and after school meals. In an effort to educate lawmakers, the Anti-Hunger Coalition asked children to write a message on lunch bags that conveyed how important breakfast and lunch are to their ability to learn. The result - thousands of bags with creative and insightful tag lines (like the title) from EVERY federal legislative district in New Jersey were displayed at a Press Event in Trenton and then forwarded to the appropriate Congressional Representative along with the information about hunger and the school meal program in their district. Through the many congregations and community partners in the Feed the Solution Program, 83 towns and over 1,100 children throughout the eight counties of Diocese were able to join the campaign. Deacon Diane Riley brought their voices with her and joined Congressman Frank Pallone, State Assemblyman Gary Schaer, Ellen Teller, Director of Government Affairs for the Food Research Action Network, faith advocates and other members of the Anti-Hunger Coalition for the event.