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Episcopal House staff opening: Hispanic/Latino Missioner

Episcopal House
The Rev. Canon Gregory A. Jacobs

Position Description

This position is responsible for advocacy and for oversight of Hispanic/Latino ministry in the Diocese of Newark. The Hispanic/Latino Missioner will work with the Bishop, diocesan staff, clergy, congregations and diocesan organizations to promote, encourage, create, enhance, and develop opportunities for ministry among people of Hispanic and Latino cultural backgrounds in their communities and unique missional contexts, and to initiate, promote, carry out, and maintain these mission/ministry initiatives. The Diocese will consider qualified lay candidates as well for this position. This position description details the role and responsibility of the diocesan staff position.

Reports To:  Canon to the Ordinary & Chief of Staff

Classification:  Exempt

Status:  Part Time (25 Hours)

Supervisory Responsibilities:  None

Areas of Responsibility:

     The Hispanic/Latino Missioner will:

  1. Advocate and develop budgets for programs and ministries seeking to support, sustain and grow existing Hispanic/Latino ministries throughout the Diocese of Newark.
  2. Consult and advise congregations seeking guidance in creating Hispanic/Latino ministry and developing new multi-cultural initiatives in their communities.
  3. Work in collaboration with the Commission on Hispanic/Latino Ministry, the Bishop of Newark, Diocesan Council, and diocesan staff to identify, establish and support new and existing ministry opportunities and strategies for Hispanic/Latino ministry in the Diocese of Newark.
  4. Develop in collaboration with the Commission on Hispanic/Latino Ministry, culturally appropriate materials, resources, educational programs, and workshops for the diocese and its Hispanic/Latino congregations and ministries.
  5. Encourage and promote the development of Hispanic/Latino clergy and lay leadership in the Diocese of Newark.
  6. Advise the Canon to the Ordinary and congregations in the identification and deployment of Hispanic/Latino clergy in the diocese.
  7. Advise the Commission on Ministry in the identification, recruitment, and preparation of Hispanic/Latino candidates for ministry.
  8. Identify Hispanic/Latino concerns in the wider community and advocate for diocesan/congregational involvement.
  9. Identify potential sources of funding for Hispanic/Latino mission and ministry.
  10. Assist in developing communications and publicity strategies designed to reach out to members of the Hispanic/Latino community.
  11. Serve as diocesan liaison for provincial and national Hispanic/Latino ministries.


  1. Ordained ministry (or qualified lay person)
  2. Minimum 3 – 5 years’ experience with Hispanic and Latino ministries, demonstrating experience in developing and implementing formation and leadership strategies in multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multilingual settings.  
  3. Background and experience in multi-culturalism, demonstrating ability to provide advice, guidance, coordination, and training for congregations, clergy, and lay people in the areas outlined above.
  4. Demonstrated ability to work with clergy, lay people and congregations in diverse multi- cultural, socio-economic, ministry/mission, and community contexts.
  5. Excellent verbal, written, and communication skills in both English and Spanish. Bilingual Spanish/English.
  6. Strong interpersonal skills, demonstrated personal initiative, and comfortable with change/innovation.
  7. Proven ability to work collegially and coordinate diverse groups and teams in the context of the diversity that exists within the diocese.
  8. Familiarity with the Episcopal Church and its organization/structures.
  9. Technological savvy

Other Requirements

  1. Must be able to adjust personal schedule to work flexible hours, including weekends and evenings as necessary and to attend meetings at locations throughout the Diocese.
  2. Must have a valid driver’s license, access to transportation, and insurance to mandated state requirements to fulfill responsibilities and duties.
  3. Must be able to walk up three flights of steps if necessary. Moderate lifting of documents and hardware (up to 30 lbs.) is required.
  4. Must be able to ensure appropriate confidentiality with the personal, financial, and personnel matters which are entrusted to this office.

All interested candidates should forward their OTM clergy portfolios and /or resumes no later than March 15, 2017 to:

The Rev. Canon Gregory A. Jacobs at;
 Episcopal Diocese of Newark  31 Mulberry Street  Newark, NJ 07102.