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Diocese of Newark souvenirs for sale at Convention

Diocesan souvenirs
Jane Jubilee

On the first day of Convention the Bishop Anand Resource Center will be selling diocesan souvenirs emblazoned with the diocesan logo and seal.

Visit the Souvenir Stand in the exhibit hall on Friday, January 31 where you can buy wearables, totes, water bottles, pens and more. Deputies may be interested in the name tag holder designed with clever pockets for pens, room key card and other essentials. There’s even an adorable toy peacock representing the peacock in our diocesan shield! (Some, but not all, items are pictured above.)

Prices will range from $1 to $20, and we’ll even have a $5 clearance section. Cash, checks and credit cards will all be accepted.

Supplies are limited and only available at Convention on January 31. Don’t miss out!