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Diocesan members join Newark Citywide Peace Walk

Diocesan members join Newark anti-violence walk
The Rev. George Dredden

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, members of Trinity & St. Philip's Cathedral and others from around the Diocese of Newark participated in a Newark Citywide Walk to support efforts to create a safer city and end gun and other forms of violence in all municipalities - urban, suburban and rural - across the country.

This walk wound its way through 13 miles of all fiveWards in Newark, with walkers and folks riding in a motorcade, on bicycles and scooters. Hundreds of people turned out to say "The Violence Must Stop." We all need do what we can to help stem this deadly plague that impacts all of God's Beloved.

Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy Canon Margo Peckham Clark and the Rev. George Dredden.