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Convention Corner: Opportunities for diocesan service start at Convention

Convention Corner
John King, Secretary of Convention

As we prepare for the 150th Annual Diocesan Convention in November 2024, the Convention must elect individuals to various committees, and ratify appointments that the Bishop makes to other committees. To do that, we need to develop a robust slate of candidates who are willing to serve the diocese in these capacities. Service on a diocesan committee is ministry to the wider church and can be a fulfilling experience, as well as a way to develop a deeper connection with other individuals, ministries and congregations within the diocese. We hope you will feel called to join us, or speak to someone in your congregation who you might think would be well suited for a role.

The Convention will elect members to the following committees:

  • The ACTS/VIM Board is looking for lay and clergy members to administer the granting of funds from the ACTS/VIM endowment and our Annual Alleluia Fund for Outreach campaign. The members will be responsible for attending 4 Zoom meetings per year (2 per cycle) and making 1-3 site visits / phone interviews with applicants per cycle. The ACTS/VIM Board gives out approximately $375,000 each year to ministries and independent 501c3 organizations that serve Northern New Jersey and Internationally.
  • The Constitutions and Canons Committee is seeking 10 members, lay or clergy to review the Constitutions and Canons and make recommendations for amendments and /or report on amendments proposed by others. This committee also reviews resolutions for canonical consistency and legality.
  • The Disciplinary Board is seeking 2 members, 1 clergy and 1 lay. This is a board that handles Title IV matters regarding Clergy Discipline as needed.
  • The Diocesan Council is seeking to elect 3 clergy & 3 Lay to the class of 2027 (a 3 year term) plus vacancies as they exist. The Council is the budget and program oversight arm of our Diocesan Governance. It meets 10 months out of the year, predominantly on Zoom, with quarterly meetings in person, including dinner. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month during the program year. (Exceptions may be during conflicts with Ash Wednesday or Holy Week)
  • The Standing Committee needs 1 clergy and 1 lay member for the Class of 2028. The Standing Committee is the Bishop’s council of advice and the ecclesiastical authority when there is no bishop in charge. This committee also oversees the approval of leasing and sale decisions of parish properties. They also vote on candidates for ordination and vote to approve the election of bishops in other dioceses.
  • Trinity & St. Philip’s Cathedral Chapter seeks 1 clergy and 1 lay member to assist with the regulation, management and administration of temporal affairs of the Cathedral.
  • The Trustees of the Episcopal Fund and Diocesan Properties is seeking 3 members (clergy or lay) for a 5-year term, to the class of 2029. The Trustees manage the various monetary and physical church property assets for the diocese, and meet quarterly.
  • Secretary of Convention seeks a communicant in good standing. The Secretary of Convention shall also be a Secretary of the Diocesan Council as well as giving notice of all Conventions, take minutes of the proceedings, preserve journals and records, attest the public acts of the Convention and perform other services as prescribed by the Canons or by the Convention.
  • Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer seek communicants in good standing to submit a statement of the accounts to each Annual Convention. The Assistant Treasurer shall perform duties as assigned by the Treasurer of Convention.

There are also a number of committees and boards to which the Bishop will appoint people to serve. While this list is not all encompassing, it does represent a broad cross-section of the life and ministry of the Diocese of Newark. If you feel called to serve in one of these capacities, please contact John King directly. Not every Committee requires appointees each year, but volunteers are always welcome to join. Committees that are made up of Bishop’s Appointees:

  • The Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Human Resources – This body is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations regarding matters of compensation and benefits for Lay and Clergy Employees of the diocese, to review and make recommendations that bring Diocesan HR Policies in line with state and federal guidelines, and to support the diocese with recommendations on a broad array of topics.
  • The Marge Christie Fund for Congregational Vitality – this committee reviews applications to the fund, and recommends grant awards to Diocesan Council
  • The Ward J. Herbert Board – this Board administers the grants awarded through its Endowment Fund, providing approximately $285,000 in grants each year for up to 50% of a project’s eligible costs. The Board manages three funding cycles, makes site visits to inspect projects and church properties and makes suggestions to congregations about maintenance issues. Most business is conducted on 5 Zoom meetings throughout the year.
  • The Commission on Ministry – assists individuals who would like to discern their possible call to the diaconate or the priesthood and works with individuals who enter the formal process towards ordination. In addition, the COM seeks to support the ministry of the laity and hopes to develop resources and conduct workshops intended to assist lay persons identify and strengthen their ministries.
  • The Committee on Liturgy & Music – This group is tasked with developing and overseeing various Diocesan Liturgical Events and other support of our communal worship throughout the year.
  • The Diocesan Youth Commission will work to promote youth ministry as a priority in the Episcopal Diocese of Newark; as well as work to encourage and support youth leaders, local parishes, and regional ministry networks in their ministry to youth
  • Regional Ministry Network Conveners – The Diocese of Newark is divided into eight geographic regions, named for saints. The churches in each Region partner for joint ministry and mutual support The co-conveners for each Region (ideally, there should be three, one clergy person and two lay members) are responsible for scheduling regular regional meetings and communicating with congregations in their Region about upcoming meetings or other events.
  • Commission for Justice and Peace – The commission focuses on supporting parishes and developing diocesan advocacy and responses to issues such as environment, affordable housing, gun violence, hunger, gender equality, and homelessness.
  • Racial History Committee – This committee explores, collects, and determines how best to chronicle the racial history of our diocese. The committee also advises parishes on ways to discover the racial history of their church.
  • Racial Justice and Healing Commission – The commission looks at issues of racial justice and healing within the diocese and in the larger community and world. Their focus includes teaching, updating, and guiding our responses to the myriad issues we face around the construct of race.

The formal nominations process will be opening the first week in June, with an encouraged deadline of October 16, and late nominations accepted until November 1 at Noon.

The diocese seeks diversity in their slate of candidates with regard to race, age (16+), gender balance, sexual orientation, physical disabilities, differing economic backgrounds and theological viewpoints. Please take a moment and seriously consider how you might be able to serve your diocese through one or more of these positions.

Additional nomination information and forms are available at You may also contact John A. King, Secretary of Convention, at 973-430-9919 or