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Convention Corner: New Convention schedule this year

Convention Corner

The 150th Annual Diocesan Convention will be held on November 8 and 9 of this year. While this is a departure from our familiar timing, it is a decision by the Bishop to better integrate the Convention with our program year. Accordingly, the timing of Convention announcements and registration also needs to be adjusted. While doing so, we are keeping in mind that the summer months will be a time of vacations and relaxation for many of us.

In the past the Call to Convention would come out 100 days prior to Convention. With the new date being in November this would fall on July 31 and likely not be seen at its intended time. Therefore, the official Call to Convention will be coming out much earlier, on May 17. This will announce various items of business for Convention.

To maintain a smooth process of registration for our clergy, deputies, and youth deputies we will open registration starting on June 1 and will conclude at 12 noon on September 16. The deadline dates will stay the same as they are required by the canons; we are simply extending the registration period by starting it earlier.

Official communications from the office of the Secretary of Convention will begin in the coming weeks. They will contain links for registration and all other needed information for Convention. Over the coming months we will share additional information on topics such as submitting resolutions, running for various offices, and other important Convention issues. Additional information will be found in the Convention Corner in The Voice Online, as well as many other resources that will help us communicate with all congregations, clergy, and deputies to Convention. Please also watch out for a postcard announcing the Convention and post it in a prominent location at your church.

Official Youth Deputies

As per the Diocesan Constitution, there is an official youth presence, with full Voice and Vote accorded to youth between the ages of 14 and 20. One Deputy and one alternate should be selected by each Regional Ministry Network. Fees for the youth deputation are covered by the Diocese. The Conveners for each Region will receive more information in late May.

We are excited that this year's Convention will also be one of the major events celebrating our 150th Diocesan Anniversary! We expect our 150th Convention to be more than just the typical annual event but a celebration of our rich history and diverse stories of our diocese. We invite not just clergy and deputies to join us this year but all members of your congregations to come experience this great event. Multiple committees have been working for months in anticipation of this opportunity to mark this moment in history of our diocese. This is something no one will want to miss!

For more information, please feel free to reach out to John King, Secretary of Convention, at