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Convention Corner: Learn how you can volunteer at Convention!

Convention Corner

New opportunities are opening up for volunteers at the 150th Convention and the Arrangements Committee is hosting a special Zoom event on Tuesday, February 6 at 7 PM to share all about it. With volunteer membership on the decline and more responsibilities coming to the committee the need for new people to get involved is of high importance. This special Zoom event is the perfect place to find out all that there is to know.

So, who would be interested in attending? That is an easy question to answer: everyone! You read that correctly, everyone from truck drivers, to schoolteachers, to clergy, and even CEO’s that are interested in volunteering their time at the diocesan level should attend. The Convention, happening on November 8 and 9, needs a great group of volunteers from all backgrounds to be a success. Or maybe you know someone in your congregation that would love this opportunity, share with them the link to register. You could be changing someone’s life by sharing the news.

Of course, finding out what will be discussed during the Zoom is important. One of the first things that will be discussed is who the Arrangements Committee is and what they do at Convention. This is so important to understand before making that decision to sign up. Next, we will discuss the types of opportunities that are available, how you can help make Convention a success, and some of the perks to being a volunteer. As you can see this will be a great way to learn about volunteering opportunities and gain a better understanding about our Convention.

Finally, how do you sign up to attend? Simply click this link to sign up for the special Zoom event on Tuesday, February 6 at 7 PM. We ask that you also share information with your congregation, you may be surprised who feels God calling them to do great things. Any questions please contact Donna Caputo.

Reference Information

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Dates & Deadlines

  • 289 days until the 150th Convention!
  • Arrangement Committee Volunteer Sign Up by 2/29/2024
  • Registration Dates for Deputations and All Canonically Resident Clergy: 9/16/2024 at Noon (Forms to be sent May/June)
  • Registration Date for Guests: 10/18/2024
  • Nominations Deadlines: 9/13/2024 (Late Nominees 11/1/2024)
  • Hotel Reservations Deadline at group rate: 10/8/2024