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Convention Corner: The Arrangements Committee is hard at work!

Convention Corner

Could you imagine waiting to the last minute to plan that dream vacation? Well, the Arrangements Committee can’t imagine waiting to the last minute to start getting ready for the 150th Convention. You may be surprised to learn that there is a lot of hard work happening behind the scenes to ensure that the Annual Diocesan Convention is a great success this coming November. With just under 7 months to go there are a lot of moving parts hard at work, and one of those parts is the Arrangements Committee.

The kickoff meeting for the Arrangements Committee took place Tuesday, April 9 at St. Clements, Hawthorne. This was the official start of the hard work they are putting in place to ensure that this year's convention will be a success. Hosted by Chairwoman Donna Caputo and Secretary of Convention John King the almost 30 members in attendance were able to enjoy time for a delicious meal, hard work, and socializing. They welcomed new members who will be tripling the size of the committee and had the opportunity to discuss how the new plan to manage the various roles will be implemented. Following a brief presentation from John King and Donna Caputo the new subcommittees had the opportunity to meet and get to know more about their various roles. This was the last time the entire committee will meet before the big event. In the coming months the many subcommittees will be hold meetings and workdays to start preparing for the convention.

Meanwhile, the hard work looking for talented people to join the Arrangements Committee is still underway. “It takes a lot of skill sets to create the team we need to ensure a successful convention. My goal is to have members from all over our diocese that have diverse backgrounds and have a strong want to serve as volunteers. I wish I could get to every church in our diocese and spread the word.” Donna Caputo Chairwoman of the Arrangements Committee said. They still need people with experience in technology to provide support to our voting deputies and clergy, those who are social and enjoy interacting with the public for a few of the subcommittees, and the important role of people who can come to convention at the end to load the supplies and equipment and returning them to the diocese office. If you or somebody you know is interested in volunteering, please feel free to contact donna Donna Caputo at for more information.

Finally, we are approaching the 200-day mark until Convention. Over the coming months, the Arrangements Committee and many others in our diocese will be hard at work preparing for the 150th Convention. Everyone is excited for this big event and cannot wait to welcome people from across our diocese not only to the business meeting, but the many workshops and the new improved Marketplace. Keep an eye on the articles here in Convention Corner in the coming months as Secretary of Convention, John King starts updating everybody on the important information you need to know.