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Collecting used bikes and sewing machines as a ministry

The Rev. Bill Cruse

St. John’s Memorial Church in Ramsey held a collection on October 15, 2022 for Pedals for Progress / Sewing for Peace. Over 35 volunteers aged 8 to 80+, from both St. John’s and from Ramsey’s BSA Troop 31, collected 196 bikes and 27 sewing machines.

For over 30 years this 4-star charity in Highbridge, NJ has been delivering bikes and sewing machines to countries where they are needed. St. John’s bikes are going to Guatemala and Belize and the sewing machines are destined for Tanzania, Belize and the Togolese Republic. A bicycle or sewing machine makes a significant difference to a family’s income. See Pedals for Progress for the inventive ways the bikes and sewing machines are used.

Thanks to the generosity of our local communities and the hard work of our volunteers every year, St. John’s has given Pedals for Progress over 1,700 bikes and almost 200 sewing machines since 2010.