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CFO announces Diocese of Newark budget process for 2023

Sam Reckford, CFO

The 2023 budget process will follow the same process adopted by Diocesan Council for use in preparing previous budgets. This process allows individuals and organizations to request funding as part of the 2023 Budget. Funding requests for 2023 are due by September 30, 2022.

This procedure provides:

  1. A way for funding requests to be submitted to Council for consideration well in advance of Convention;
  2. An opportunity for requestors to present their proposals to Council for consideration in the upcoming year’s budget; and
  3. A process for requestors to interact with Council if Council determines not to include the request in the budget or proposes changes to the request.

Experience has demonstrated that budget adjustments presented late in the budget process and close to the Convention make it difficult or impossible for deputies attending the Annual Convention to adequately consider and make a reasoned determination regarding proposed changes. Because of this difficulty, Council believes that continuing this process will allow for better communication and discussion of budget matters prior to the start of the actual Convention


Individuals or organizations are offered the opportunity to request that programs and funding not included in the 2022 budget be considered by Council for inclusion in the proposed 2023 budget. Such requests are due by Friday, September 30, 2022. Organizations already included in the 2022 budget will be required to submit their 2023 request for continued funding by that same date. This schedule will provide for an adequate period of time for Council to consider the requests and, if helpful, to meet with those making such requests during the fall.

The current Rules of Order relating to Convention allow for budget resolutions (i.e., changes to the proposed budget) be submitted by noon on Friday of the week before Diocesan Convention. 

Council believes that, since it can be very difficult to effectively and fully communicate to all deputies such proposed changes in the short period of time from the proposal to the Convention, using this budget process will make requests more open and transparent to all deputies and provide for a longer period of time to consider the impact of all requests.

2023 Budget Process

September 2022

Publication of notice announcing 2023 Budget Process and Fall Budget Hearing in October to discuss Budget Funding Requests.

Proponents of Budget Funding Requests will be advised that their Budget Funding Request is to be submitted in writing to the Chief Financial Officer by September 30, 2022.

September 30 – Budget Funding Requests due (to be submitted in writing to Chief Financial Officer). Download the Budget Funding Request Form.

October 2022

The Budget and Finance Committee will review the first draft of the budget and make initial funding decisions.

November 2022

November 9 – Fall Budget Hearing (tentative) – Open meeting with Diocesan Council (Location TBD)

Review of year-to-date 2022 results

First presentation of proposed 2023 budget

Open discussion to gather input and clarification of Budget Funding Requests; individuals or organizations that submitted Budget Funding Requests by September 30 may a make short presentation to Diocesan Council; Council may ask questions regarding requests.

December 2022

December 1 – Those who submitted Budget Funding Requests and who were advised that Council decided to (a) not include the request in the 2023 Budget or (b) change the amount requested, must advise the Chief Financial Officer that they would like to attend the Council meeting on December 8 to request reconsideration, and will be required to provide a brief explanatory paragraph in writing as to the rationale supporting their request. Those who fail to make this request by December 1 will not be eligible to make a presentation to the Council.

December 7 – At Council meeting–Individuals or organizations whose Budget Funding Requests were not accepted or were otherwise altered (including the dollar amount) may attend to discuss Council’s decisions and request reconsideration, provided that they requested to do so by December 1. 

December 14 – the 2023 Budget proposal approved by Council will be posted on the diocesan website as soon as possible (generally within seven days of adoption by Council) to allow deputies and others an opportunity to review it well in advance of convention.


January 11 – Council to vote on budget

February 4 – CFO presents final budget to Convention.

Questions relating to this process should be addressed to Sam Reckford, the Chief Financial Officer.