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Bishop Hughes adds role as Bishop Visitor for South Carolina order

The Convent of the Order of St. Helena in North Augusta, SC.
The Convent of the Order of St. Helena in North Augusta, SC.

Bishop Hughes is adding an additional role to her responsibilities as Bishop of Newark. The Order of Saint Helena, a monastic community for women in The Episcopal Church located in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, has elected her to serve as their Bishop Visitor.

“We were impressed with her listening presence, humor and humility, as well as her commitment to a church that is seated in tradition and stepping boldly into the future,” the Sisters said in their announcement of Bishop Hughes’ election.

The Episcopal Church canons require that each monastic order have a Bishop Visitor to shepherd the community according to its vision and to mediate matters requiring fresh wisdom. Additionally, the Bishop Visitor is guarantor to the Church concerning sound administration and stability of the community. Each community adds its own interpretation to the visitor’s role according to its gifts and ministries.

“Bishop Visitor” is a literal term; the role includes annual visits to the community.

"Most of my life I have benefitted from the ministry of religious orders," said Bishop Hughes. "I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the Order of St. Helena in this way."

Current members of the Order of St. Helena:

Members of the Order of St. Helena