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The Apostles' House

Cindy Santamaria
Sometimes it takes another person to help us appreciate what we have and show us that nothing is impossible. The other day I stopped for a moment in front of The Apostles' House building and a woman came up to me in tears. Just leaving the food pantry with bags of food she wanted to thank me. Recently she lost her job, had two children at home, and was afraid that her car was going to be re-possessed. She was temporarily living with her mother, a senior on a fixed income. The Apostles' House has been a cornerstone of care for the most vulnerable families in the Newark and surrounding Essex County area for over 25 years. The Apostles' House Food Pantry continues to serve the highest number of individuals through any program of this type in Essex County . In 2009, we served 14, 036 individuals, compared to 10,336 in 2008, and 7,303 in 2007. Hunger is getting worse due to economic conditions. The high cost of living, rent, gas, and food all create a higher level of food insecurity. Record numbers of homeless and hungry families are coming to us seeking help. The number of homeless in New Jersey is unacceptably high and may go even higher as more families face the very real prospect of losing their homes to foreclosure. Housing is a basic right and essential for the healthy growth and development of children. However in every state, housing costs outpace wages and public assistance for low income families. For families in this situation, even a seemingly minor event can trigger a catastrophic outcome. "A generous man will himself be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor." Proverbs 22:9