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Announcing "How to Try" video series available for viewing!

The Rev. Lorenzo Labrija, author of "How to Try"

On October 9, the Diocese and Church Leader University team welcomed the Rev. Lorenzo Labrija, author of "How to Try," and executive director of the TryTank Experimental Laboratory, to a very special, single-focus Church Leader University. TryTank, a lab for church growth and innovation, is  a joint project between Virginia Theological Seminary and the General Theological Seminary.

As the featured speaker of this fall's special single-focus Church Leader University, Father Labrija talked us through the “How to Try” methodology, a simple three-part framework grounded in design thinking. This methodology is ideally suited to Episcopal parishes interested in raising up lay leaders and finding out "what comes next."

Videos of this special Church Leader University are now available for individual and vestry viewing.

For ease of viewing, the morning's session has been broken into two parts. In Part One he shares with you the “How to Try” framework, beginning with key steps to building an innovation team, and a simple process for taking an idea forward. We learn about ways to generate new ideas, and to experiment wisely without "betting the house.”

In Part Two, Father Lebrija workshops some real-life questions from members of our diocese.

We think that every parish in the diocese can benefit from exposure to the "How to Try" approach, so highly recommend that you view and share it with other members of your parish. You can also download his slides (attached below), and for those interested in an even deeper dive, his recently-published book “How to Try,” is available on Amazon.

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