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Actions of the 149th Annual Convention

The 149th Annual Convention
John King, Secretary of Convention

From the Budget & Finance Committee

2023 Budget adopted.

From the Resolutions Committee

Consent Calendar:
2023_AC149_01 - Create a Plan to Narrow Gender Gaps 

Accepted on the floor of Convention for consideration:
2023_AC149_02 - A Resolution on Reducing Gun Violence and Praying for its Victims 
2023_AC149_03 - A Resolution in Response to Tyre Nichols' Death

From the HR Committee

Approved the recommendations of the Human Resources Advisory Board for the 2024 Clergy Minimum Salaries.

RESOLUTION I: Minimum Cash Salary for Clergy
RESOLVED, that the 149th Convention of the Diocese of Newark adopts the following minimum salary standards for full-time clergy serving parishes or missions in the Diocese, effective January 1, 2024:

Category 2023 2024 % Change
Transitional Deacon* $42,600 $44,000 3.29%
Assisting Priest $45,500 $47,000 3.30%
Rector, Vicar, or Priest-in-Charge $56,700 $58,500 3.17%

* Compensation minimums for transitional deacons are intended only for those who have completed their formation and training process. It does not apply to deacons in field-education placements from a seminary.

RESOLUTION II: Supply Clergy Stipend
RESOLVED that the 149th Convention of the Diocese of Newark adopts the following stipend rates for supply clergy, effective January 1, 2024:

  • Sundays - $300 plus $100 for each additional service
  • Weekdays - $150 per service

Extinct Parish Resolutions

Calvary Church in Bayonne