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Actions of the 148th Annual Convention

Hallelujah Anyhow: The 148th Annual Diocesan Convention
John King, Secretary of Convention

Resolutions passed

Resolution approving the Commemoration of Dr. Louie Crew Clay on November 27th each year, encouraging worshipping communities to observe the day utilizing the Common of Saints.

Resolution to be submitted to General Convention in support of adding Bishop Barbara Harris to the Calendar of the Church Year, to be celebrated on March 13th.

Clergy Compensation

Approved the recommendations of the Human Resources Advisory Board for the following increases to minimum salaries.

Transitional Deacon $42,600 (^4.93%)
Assisting Priest $45,500 (^4.96%)
Rector, Vicar, or Priest-in-Charge $56,700 (^5.00%)

Constitution & Canons

Amended Canon 16 (Diocesan Investment Trust) Reducing board from 10 members down to 8 to serve 5-year terms.

Amended Canon 22 (Trustees of the Episcopal Fund & Diocesan Properties) allowing for Trustees to serve two consecutive 5-year terms. (Up from one 5-year term).

Extinct Parish Resolutions

St. Peter’s Church in Livingston

St. Peter’s Church in Washington