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Actions of the 146th Annual Diocesan Convention

The 146th Annual Diocesan Convention
John King, Secretary of Convention
The 146th Annual Diocesan Convention. CYNTHIA L. BLACK PHOTO

A summary of all actions taken by Deputies at the 146th Annual Diocesan Convention.



Special Order

Uncontested Elections

ACTS/VIM Board Clergy Class of 2023

  • Rev. Ellen Kohn-Perry, St. Paul's, Chatham (District 4)

Constitution & Canons Committee

  • Thomas Bisdale, Grace Church, Westwood (District 9)
  • Patricia Arlin Bradley, Holy Trinity, Hillsdale (District 9)
  • T Donald Cairns, St. Clement's, Hawthorne (District 10)
  • John C. Garde, Grace Church, Madison (District 4)
  • The Rev. Dcn. Peter Jackson, Holy Trinity, West Orange (District 3)
  • John L Smith, Trinity & St. Philip's Cathedral, Newark (District 4)
  • John Sogliuzzo, Christ Church, Short Hills (District 4)
  • Bernice E. Vanderpool, Grace Church Van Vorst, Jersey City (District 6)
  • John G. Webb, III, St. Luke and St. Mary, Hope and Belvidere (District 1)
  • The Rev. Paul Yoon, St. Agnes', Little Falls (District 5)

Trustees Class of 2022 (1 vacancy)

  • Walton Clark, Atonement, Tenafly (District 9)

Disciplinary Board

Clergy Class of 2026

  • Kathryn L King, St. Alban's, Oakland/Franklin Lakes (District 10)

Lay Class of 2025

  • Laura A. Russell, Esq., All Saints, Hoboken (District 6)

Trinity & St. Philip's Cathedral Chapter Class of 2023

  • Susan Dunn, St. John's, Montclair (District 5)
  • The Rev. Victoria Geer McGrath, All Saints', Millington (District 3)

Election Results & Bishop’s Appointments

ACTSVIM Class of 2023

  • Michael Francaviglia
  • Paula Cappel

ACTSVIM Class of 2022

  • Joy Manasse (replaces Martha Andersen)

Standing Committee


  • Class of 2024 - Debra Brewin Wilson
  • Class of 2022 - Robert Griner


  • Class of 2024 - Bernie Milano
  • Class of 2022 - Naomi Horsky

General Convention Deputation - Baltimore, MD July 2021

Lay Deputation

  • L1 - Janelle Grant St. Paul’s Paterson
  • L2 - Laura Russell All Saints Parish, Hoboken
  • L3 - Paula Cappel, St. Andrew & Holy Communion South Orange
  • L4 - Sue Morgan, All Saints’ Church, Glen Rock

Lay Alternates

  • AL1 - Wendy Drake-Schneider, St. Luke’s Church, Montclair
  • AL2 - Rhonda Lutz, Church of the Saviour, Denville
  • AL3 - Sidney King, Church of the Incarnation, Jersey City
  • AL4 - Martha Thalheimer, St. Luke’s Church, Montclair

Clergy Deputation

  • C1 - The Rev. Jerry Racioppi, Church of the Holy Spirit, Verona
  • C2 - The Rev. Sylvester Ekunwe, St. Andrew’s Church, Newark
  • C3 - The Rev. Cynthia Black, Church of the Redeemer, Morristown
  • C4 - The Rev. Anne Kitch, St. Luke’s Church, Phillipsburg

Clergy Alternates

  • AC1 - The Rev. Diana Wilcox, Christ Church, Bloomfield/Glen Ridge
  • AC2 - The Rev. John Mennell, St. Luke’s Church, Montclair
  • AC3 - The Rev. Lynne Bleich Weber, Church of the Atonement, Tenafly
  • AC4 - To be Elected

Bishop’s Appointments to Committees & Boards:

To the Ward J Herbert Board class of 2023

  • Mr. Phil Allen, St. Clement's Hawthorne
  • Mr. Don MacGowan, St. Peter's, Mountain Lakes
  • Mr. Terry Pine, St. Peter's Mount Arlington
  • The Rev. Chellie White, Christ Church, Teaneck

To The HR Advisory Board Class of 2024

  • Mr. George Ackley, Christ Church Budd Lake
  • Ms. Mary Beth King, Church of the Atonement, Fair Lawn
  • The Rev. Paul Olsson, St. Paul's Morris Plains

and filling a vacancy in the class of 2023

  • Mr. John Sandfort, St. John's Church, Montclair

Commission on Ministry, Class of 2023

  • The Rev. Bowie Snodgrass, Christ Church, Short Hills
  • Mr. Peter Gordon, Calvary Church, Summit
  • The Rev. Mark Collins, All Saints, Glen Rock
  • The Rev. Paul Young Yoon St. Agnes' Little Falls
  • Jamel Shimpfky, St. Elizabeth's Church, Ridgewood

Appointments to elected ministries

Cathedral Chapter 2023

  • (BA) Stuart Christie

ACTSVIM Class of 2023

  • (BA) Pieter Voorhees