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Actions of the 144th Annual Diocesan Convention

Convention Deputies. STEVEN BOSTON PHOTO
John King, Secretary of Convention

A summary of all actions taken by deputies at the 144th Annual Diocesan Convention.


Deputies voted to adopt the 2018 diocesan budget.

Constitution & Canons

There were no amendments to the diocesan Constitution or Canons recommended or adopted at this convention.


Deputies elected the following individuals to serve diocesan offices:


The Rev. Cathie Studwell - Clergy Class of 2021
Michael Otterburn - Lay Class of 2021
Arnie Peinado - Lay Class of 2021
Armantina Paleaz - Lay Class of 2019 (vacancy)

Sidney King - Bishop's appointment to the class of 2021

Cathedral Chapter (Class of 2021)

The Rev. Deacon Erik Soldwedel - Clergy Class of 2021
Charlotte Chappel - Lay Class of 2021

Constitution and Canons (Class of 2019)

Don Cairns
Joseph Lavela
John Sogluizzo
Thomas Bisdale
John Garde
Richard Bollon
Jennifer Arlin
The Rev. Joseph Harmon
Laura Russell
John Webb

Disciplinary Board

The Rev. Dr. Karen Rezach - Clergy Class of 2024
George Mackey - Lay Class of 2023
James Cramer - Lay Class of 2022 (vacancy)

Standing Committee

The Rev. Joseph Harmon - Clergy Class of 2022
John C. Garde - Lay Class of 2022
Naomi Horsky - Lay Class of 2020 (vacancy)

Trustees of the Episcopal Fund & Diocesan Properties (Class of 2023)

Pat Yankus
Laurie Wurm
Thomas Bisdale

Secretary of Convention (one-year term)

John King

Treasurer of Convention (one-year term)

Sam Reckford

Assistant Treasurer of Convention (one-year term)

Mary Sunden


Deputies voted to adopt the following resolutions: