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Grace Church, Madison, NJ


Time commitment:  Nominal 18 hours/week, Flexible hours.

Software used: Grace currently uses Servant Keeper software for both accounting and donations tracking

Post weekly contribution receipts by individual giver in donations tracking system.  Transfer overall total contribution receipts, as well as non-contribution receipts (e.g., rents, fund-raisers)  by category to accounting system.  Make bank deposits.  Reconcile bank accounts monthly.

Receive invoices and check requests.  Review each for authorized approvals and adequate supports.  For commercial vendors, confirm not a duplicate.  Post each to appropriate expense account and date.  Print checks.  Attach checks to relevant invoice or check request.  Place in “to be signed” folder.

Make journal entries for accruals and other clearing entries as needed.  Maintain files of all entries generated, bank & investment statements received.  Post payrolls upon receipt of payroll service company reports.

Monthly, prepare giving analysis reports and financial reports, send to Finance Chair and Treasurer.  Analyze, answer questions, and make changes as needed.  Send appropriate reports to committee chairs and staff personnel.

Quarterly, prepare certain scheduled transactions, such as housing allowance payments to clergy, transfers of Endowment Funds to General Fund, etc.

Annually, assemble documentation needed by auditors.  Issue 1099’s to contractors.  Transfer files of 2nd past year to offsite storage.

Contact: The Rev. Susan Ironside,