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Diocesan Announcements

Announcement | Mar 6, 2023
The Strategic Visioning Team is now recruiting people across the diocese to join Working Teams that will meet during this next phase of the visioning...
The 149th Annual Convention
Announcement | Feb 7, 2023
Includes the Deputation elected to represent the Diocese of Newark at the 2024 General Convention in Louisville, KY.
The 149th Annual Convention
Announcement | Feb 7, 2023
The 149th Convention adopted the 2023 Budget and passed several resolutions.
Announcement | Feb 7, 2023
During the Diocesan Convention, the Strategic Visioning Team shared its findings from the Listening Sessions in the Fall of 2022 and announced the...
Announcement | Jan 20, 2023
As the new year progresses, the Strategic Visioning team has been sorting through the notes from the many Listening Sessions in 2022 and early 2023.
149th Convention: Beginning Anew Seeking God's Vision Together
149th Annual Diocesan Convention | Jan 18, 2023
A feature of Diocesan Convention is the slideshow of announcements from congregations and associated organizations.