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Diocesan Announcements

Geeks for God
Announcement | Mar 18, 2019
The diocesan Technology Committee, also known as the "Geeks for God," has created a closed Facebook group under the same name as a forum for church...
Grace, Westwood
Announcement | Mar 14, 2019
The first BCEF call of 2019 is for rectory slate roof leak repairs at Grace Church in Westwood.
Announcement | Feb 7, 2019
February 6, 2019 Dear Diocesan Family: Suspension of the Statute of Limitations on Reporting Sexual Misconduct
145th Annual Diocesan Convention. CYNTHIA L. BLACK PHOTO
Announcement | Feb 6, 2019
A summary of all actions taken by Deputies at the 145th Annual Diocesan Convention. Budget Deputies voted to adopt the 2019 diocesan budget.
Breaking Bread with Bishop Carlye
Announcement | Feb 5, 2019
All gatherings have reached capacity and registration is now closed. Bishop Carlye has said several times that she has “fallen in love with the...
The Rev. Sheelagh A. Clarke
Announcement | Dec 17, 2018
The Rev. Sheelagh A. Clarke has announced she is retiring after 13 years of ministry, effective Jan. 1, 2019. Her last day in the office will be Dec...