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Garcia, Noel - Controller

Noel Garcia
Noel Garcia
(973) 430-9984

About Noel

Noel joined Episcopal House as Senior Accountant in October, 2008 and has been Controller since April, 2010. During this time, he implemented improved accounting systems to align operations with finance, which resulted in improved financial cohesiveness within the Episcopal House. He works closely with the CFO to ensure timely and streamlined financial reports.

Prior to joining Episcopal House, Noel was a senior auditor with Ernst & Young LLP where he gained advanced training in risk assessments, management controls, audits and financial compliance within different sectors including investments, banking, manufacturing, private funds and non-profit organizations.

Noel is a CPA with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of the East. He also has a graduate degree in Computer Programming from The Chubb Institute.

Noel serves as a member of the Board of Directors in Garden State Christian Church, USA.

Noel enjoys the outdoors with his wife, son and family dog,

Staff Duties:

  • Responsible for all Diocesan financial accounts and records.
  • Performs accounting functions for Council, the Trustees, BDF, ACTS/VIM Fund and Ward J. Herbert Fund.
  • Ensures timely and accurate completion of accounting functions including audit, based on established deadlines.
  • Coordinates financial planning and budget process of Council, Trustees and BDF.
  • Preparation of periodic financial reports against budget.
  • Preparation of financial analyses.
  • Process payroll.
  • Work closely with CFO for accounting oversight.
  • Oversees funds in the DIT as well as accounts managed by the Trustees.
  • Interacts with clergy and congregations regarding direct investments.
  • Responsible forĀ  the day-to-day management of accounts
  • Maintains understanding of the financial status of the Diocese and its entities.