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LARK, Kay - Bishop's Executive Assistant

Kay Lark
Bishop's Executive Assistant
(973) 430-9976

Executive Assistant to the Bishop since 2008, Kay uses her job and life experience to facilitate the workings of the Bishop’s Office and beyond, and is honored to participate in the staff Program Team and the Joshua Team of Joining God in Shaping our Future.

Outside of work, Kay enjoys travel, knitting, crocheting, needlework and other handy-crafty pursuits.

Staff Duties

  • Member of the diocesan Program Staff.
  • Manage the Bishop’s calendar and work on the Diocesan calendar.
  • Plan travel for the Bishop.
  • Coordinate social events for the Bishop.
  • Event planning (and, in some cases, execution).
  • Staff liaison tasks.
  • Writer and producer of paperwork.
  • Clerical tasks too numerous to mention.
  • Work with volunteers.