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Caputo, Jim - Diocesan Property and Risk Manager

Jim Caputo
Jim Caputo
Diocesan Property and Risk Manager
(973) 430-9979

About Jim

Jim is responsible for assisting all the churches in the diocese with their property issues. In addition, he oversees the closed and leased properties.

Staff Duties

  • Along with the Director of Administration, work with the Ward J. Herbert Fund board, ECLF loans and BCEF grants.
  • Advise congregations on church maintenance and repair projects.
  • Perform risk management inspections of churches to help prevent personal injury and to identify necessary maintenance issues.
  • Arrange and oversee all necessary inspections of Episcopal House and closed church properties.
  • Arrange and oversee maintenance and repair work at the bishop's residence.
  • Plan, design and oversee all building use changes at Episcopal House.
  • Assist the president of the trustees with mission churches and closed church properties.
  • Meet with real estate agents and potential buyers to see closed church properties.