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Jubilee, Jane - Assistant to the Canons & Hospitality Coordinator

Jane Jubilee
Assistant to the Canons & Hospitality Coordinator
(973) 430-9902

About Jane

After a brief stint as a part-time administrative assistant at Episcopal House, Jane joined the staff full time in November 2014 as Administrative Assistant for Diocesan Services. During the following year her role evolved, and in March 2016 she was named Coordinator of Diocesan Resources and Events. More changes came in late 2021 as Jane began taking on my clergy and congregational support duties. Jane brings with her over 30 years of administrative, library management and promotions experience.

Staff Duties:

  • Provide administrative support for the Canons.
  • Support transition ministry, clergy, and congregations through data entry and file management, ZOOM meeting coordination and administrative assistance.
  • Produce service bulletins for and provide service production assistance at confirmations, ordinations, clergy renewal of vows and special event services.
  • Post diocesan news items and event announcements on social media sites.
  • Oversee event scheduling and preparation at Episcopal House and for select events off-site and on ZOOM.