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Reporting a Death in the Diocesan Family

To: All Clergy and Wardens
From: Canon Gregory A. Jacobs
February 5, 2019

Reporting of Deaths in the Diocesan Family

Dear Friends:

With the consecration of a new bishop, there will inevitably be questions about how the new bishop “does things” and to the extent that we can, we will try to keep you advised to avoid confusion and perhaps even provide some clarity.

Given the occasional announcement of deaths in our diocesan family, we wanted to reacquaint you with our protocol:

  • To the extent that we can, all such announcements will be made by Nina Nicholson, Director of Communications & Technology,
  • Nina should be provided with the obituary and as much information as possible concerning that person’s connection to the Diocese or the wider church. We reserve the right to edit what is submitted.
  • Also, please include information concerning service arrangements, where to send condolences, and a high resolution photo suitable for accompanying the announcement, if possible.
  • “Diocesan Family” is generally understood to include:
    1. Clergy who have served in the Diocese;
    2. All laypersons who have provided significant service beyond their congregations to the diocese at large, to one of its affiliated organizations, or to the wider Episcopal Church
    3. The spouse/partner or close family member of a currently serving clergy person or currently active layperson.
  • Please note that any submissions that are incomplete, received late, and/or require additional research will impair our ability to prepare a timely announcement, and may result in no announcement being made.
  • Each submission to our office is carefully considered. We reserve the right to edit submissions for length, clarity and audience. It is within the discretion of the Diocese not to publish an announcement.
  • All persons for whom a diocesan announcement is made are automatically included in the Necrology read at the next Diocesan Convention.
  • It is expected that church leaders will notify the Bishop’s Office (i.e., the Bishop, Bishop’s Executive Assistant, and Canon to the Ordinary) of any public or private service commemorating/celebrating the life of any member of the Diocesan Family, affording the Bishop an opportunity to attend if she/he so desires. Notification should be sent to Kay Lark,

Thank you for your ministry and please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.



The Rev. Canon Gregory A. Jacobs
Canon to the Ordinary & Chief of Staff

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Feb 5, 2019