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Volunteers in the food "assembly line" at Christ Church, Teaneck, filling boxes for the food pantry. MICHELLE WHITE PHOTO
Stories from Our Congregations | Jun 8, 2020
When the food pantry that's now at Christ Church, Teaneck began, even one of its founders admits it got off to a slow start. “It didn't take off like...
Bishop Carlye J. Hughes
Onine Worship | Jun 7, 2020
Join Bishop Hughes and the congregation of Holy Trinity, West Orange for online worship, beginning at 10 AM Sunday, June 7.
Lest we forget
Stewardship Matters | May 28, 2020
As we enter the 12th? The 13th? The four hundred and fifty-seventh week of stay at home? Let's stop for a minute. Let's stop and reflect on what we...
COVID Creations: Telling our story in a time of pandemic
COVID Creations | May 27, 2020
It is important for us to find ways to tell the story of these challenging times, even as we live through them.
Come Holy Spirit
From Canon Wright | May 26, 2020
This time of year – between Ascension Day last Thursday and the Day of Pentecost next Sunday – I'm always intrigued by this in-between time, between...