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Cow in a field
Stewardship Matters | Apr 15, 2020
Not being "in" church does present new challenges, many touching on Stewardship.
A virtual Easter choir
Stories from Our Congregations | Apr 13, 2020
For Easter Sunday at Grace Church Van Vorst in Jersey City, Director of Music Colin Britt put together a virtual choir.
Gratitude Matters
Gratitude Matters | Apr 13, 2020
How do we accept God's love? Hoe do we return it?
Detail from "Solitude in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna" by Connie Halliwell.
Feature | Apr 13, 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people across the world to shelter in place, many have turned to the arts for entertainment, solace and...
Bishop Hughes preaching at the Cathedral during the live-streamed Easter service. CYNTHIA MCCHESNEY PHOTO
From Canon Clark | Apr 13, 2020
This Easter was strange, Canon Clark reflects - but then, so was the first Easter, which changed everything.
The spire of Trinity & St. Philip's Cathedral in Newark
Online Worship | Apr 12, 2020
Live stream of the Easter Sunday service with Bishop Hughes at Trinity & St. Philip's Cathedral in Newark.