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The Rev. Ellen Kohn-Perry, president of North Porch, with donations at their Dover location.
Feature | Sep 21, 2020
North Porch is now on track to serve 5,000 children in 2020 – a dramatic increase over the 2019 total of 3,000 children.
Volunteers distribute bags of food to cars lined up in front of St. Agnes, Little Falls. PHOTO COURTESY BOB DOMBROWSKI
Stories from Our Congregations | Sep 9, 2020
When the COVID-19 pandemic forced other area food pantries to hit pause, the food pantry at St. Agnes’, Little Falls stepped up.
St. Stephen's, Millburn's 2020 Drumming Camp
Stories from Our Congregations | Sep 4, 2020
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the annual Drumming Camp at St. Stephen’s, Millburn was a scaled-down event – two days instead of five, with about half...
St. Luke and St. Mary's church buildings in Hope (left) and Belvidere (right).
Stories from Our Congregations | Sep 3, 2020
The Episcopal Church of St. Luke and St. Mary, Hope and Belvidere has two new signs linking our commitment to racial justice and acting as disciples...
Ordination of the Rev. Deacon Raul Ausa to the Priesthood
Video | Sep 1, 2020
On Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020, the Rt. Rev. Carlye J. Hughes, 11th Bishop of Newark, ordained the Rev. Deacon Raul Ausa to the Sacred Order of Priests.
Four ways to pray
From Canon Clark | Aug 19, 2020
As this stormy summer winds towards fall, give yourself the life-giving possibility of truly deepening your relationship with God.