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St. Agnes' Listening Excursion team members, l-r: Michelle Borden, Nancy MacDonald and Deacon Deborah Drake. Not pictured: Amy Allen.
Feature | May 1, 2017
It was at a meeting of St. Agnes’ in Little Falls’ Listening Excursion team that Deacon Deborah Drake suddenly got the idea for an experiment. “I...
“I've talked to people that I never would have talked to before. And it's been amazing.”   Ginger McArthur,  St. Peter’s Church, Livingston
Joining God in Shaping Our Future | Apr 18, 2017
Ginger McArthur was part of the team that got St. Peter’s, Livingston started in the Going Local process in March 2015, but by that summer she had...
Transitioning from driver to passenger
Senior Ministries | Apr 18, 2017
We’ve all seen it – the little old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel, the old man who drives 5 miles down the highway with his blinker...
Good Friday Stations of the Cross at sites of violent crimes in Jersey City
Media Coverage & Photo Gallery | Apr 17, 2017
For the fourth Good Friday in a row, the three Episcopal congregations in Jersey City – St. Paul's in Bergen, Grace Van Vorst and Incarnation –...
Feature | Apr 13, 2017
They mingled among the Palm Sunday crowd at Christ Church in Bloomfield & Glen Ridge, but there was something different about these strangers....
A Matter of Faith with a Bishop, and Imam and a Rabbi
Bishop Beckwith on NJTV | Apr 12, 2017
Explore headlining issues through a multi-faith lens as Bishop Mark Beckwith, Imam W. Deen Shariff and Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz lead conversations with...