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Church News | Sep 19, 2017
This past June, middle and high school youth from Calvary Church in Summit spent an exhilarating week on a “Youth Works” mission trip to Lynn,...
Video demonstration of Dwelling in the Word
Video | Sep 5, 2017
In August 2017, seven people from around the Episcopal Diocese of Newark agreed to be videorecorded as they practiced Dwelling in the Word using Luke...
The Rev. Diana Wilcox with Methodist clergy at the 1000 Ministers March For Justice in Washington, D.C. PHOTO COURTESY DIANA WILCOX
Feature | Sep 5, 2017
We all have seen the images out of Charlottesville, and the hatred that seems to have moved out of the shadow and into the streets in the past...
Church News | Sep 1, 2017
“When is it my turn?!” cried young Cameron, as he watched child after child extinguish candles during the children’s Good Friday Service at St. Paul’...
Senior Moments: Where can I find…?
Senior Ministries | Aug 31, 2017
Living in New Jersey gives us access to a wide array of services for seniors, many of which are not available in other states. The trick is to know...
Upon arrival at the retreat, each participant chose one word to describe themselves to the world. Some words were repeated, others unique; each was the beginning of our journey together. KATHY DEWALT PHOTO
Feature | Aug 15, 2017
After the departure of the Youth and Young Adult Ministries Director Kai Alston in January 2017, Bishop Beckwith called together a group of...