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Convention Corner
150th Diocesan Convention | Apr 3, 2024
Picture it, Convention Marketplace 2024, a bustling room filled with various exhibitors and vendors. Clergy, deputies, and other attendees strolling...
Faithful Preparedness, Faithful Resilience
Stories from Our Congregations | Mar 6, 2024
The Rev. Diana Wilcox of Christ Church, Bloomfield/Glen Ridge was one of the presenters for Creation Justice Ministries' Feb. 29 webinar, "Tools and...
Convention Corner
150th Diocesan Convention | Mar 6, 2024
Do you have a member of your congregation that is great with technology? What about that person that is a rockstar in retail sales? God has blessed...
Three Ideas to get you started
Stewardship Matters | Mar 5, 2024
If getting started on Year-Round Stewardship has seemed like a good idea, but a bit overwhelming... here are three initiatives perfect for this time...
Convention Corner
150th Diocesan Convention | Feb 21, 2024
A big change is coming to the Convention for youth this November! The introduction of technology to our voting system has caused a reduced amount of...
Convention Corner
150th Diocesan Convention | Feb 7, 2024
The Arrangements Committee is looking for talented people to help at the Convention. Below you will find some examples of what we are currently...