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Deputies John Mennell, Diana Wilcox, Laura Russell and Cynthia Black in the House of Deputies on Day 2. JOHN MENNELL PHOTO
80th General Convention | Jul 10, 2022
The second day of General Convention began with elections to key positions in the church within both Houses. The House of Deputies had the highly...
The Newark Deputation in the House of Deputies on the first day of General Convention. KIRK PETERSEN PHOTO
80th General Convention | Jul 9, 2022
After a year of waiting, video hearings, questions about whether any of this would happen at all, the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church...
The Newark Deputation at dinner the night before the 80th General Convention begins in Baltimore. DIANA WILCOX PHOTO
80th General Convention | Jul 8, 2022
Our Newark deputation traveled the highways and rails from New Jersey to arrive in Baltimore this week for the 80th General Convention of The...
Project Resource
Stewardship Matters | Jul 5, 2022
You are invited to join our all-new Project Resource Stewardship Training, available to you through our diocesan partnership with the College for...
St. Stephen's, Millburn participating in the North Jersey Pride Festival on June 12 in Maplewood's Memorial Park.
Stories from Our Congregations | Jun 30, 2022
Congregations around the Diocese of Newark have been celebrating Pride month with parish observances as well as by participating in community Pride...
Looking for a Summer Job?
Stewardship Matters | Jun 29, 2022
OK, maybe not. But summer's a great time to get some important "jobs" underway to help ensure the success of your fall pledge campaign. In a recent...