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Stewardship Matters | Dec 18, 2019
Reprinted from Horizons Stewardship. Original blog post is found here.
Mt. Olive Pantry
Stories from our Congregations | Dec 17, 2019
In the early 2000’s during a Vestry meeting here at Christ Church in Budd Lake, one of our members asked us to conduct a thought experiment. She...
The 145th Annual Diocesan Convention, February 2019. CYNTHIA L. BLACK PHOTO
From Canon Wright | Dec 16, 2019
“Polity” is how a system is organized and structured. Each expression of Christianity has its own structure and way of making decisions. Some...
Reflection on the Jersey City shooting
Stories from our congregations | Dec 13, 2019
In the wake of the murder of Officer Joseph Seals and the mass killing in the Jersey City Kosher Supermarket on Martin Luther King Blvd., Councilman...
Students and teachers at the Yakawlang Central Girls High School in Afghanistan gather for the twice-yearly delivery of letters from American pen-pals. PHOTO COURTESY AFGHAN SCHOOL PROJECT
Feature | Dec 2, 2019
Sending messages around the world is commonplace in the age of email – but schoolgirls in rural Afghanistan don’t have ready access to...
The Nativity
Feature | Nov 20, 2019
Planning for Advent and Christmas can be stressful, and like so many things it can be something we keep “meaning to work on,” and then, suddenly, the...