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How Attention to Generational Differences Can Improve Your Communications
Stewardship Matters | Sep 21, 2021
In our recent Project Resource session, we learned ways to think about how our communications might differ between generational cohorts.
Christina (front) with her family and rector following the renaming liturgy.
Stories from Our Congregations | Sep 20, 2021
Last spring, I received an email from a member of my vestry. It was a coming out announcement. Chris (now Christina) wanted me to know that she is a...
The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong, VIII Bishop of Newark
Diocesan Announcement | Sep 14, 2021
One of America’s best-known spokespersons for an open, scholarly and inclusive Christianity, the Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong, died Sunday, September...
A Service of Prayer & Music on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
Video | Sep 10, 2021
Please join us at 10 AM on Saturday, September 11 for prayer, music, and a message from Bishop Hughes, as we honor their memories, carry on in hope,...
Episcopal House
From Canon Wright | Sep 8, 2021
After almost 18 months, Episcopal House has reopened, beginning yesterday, September 7th. In March 2020, Bishop Hughes closed Episcopal House for...
The author (third from right) standing with friends in the park where Robert E. Lee's statue once dominated. All of them played some part, along with so many others, in the events of A11/12. MICHAEL CHEUK PHOTO
Pursuing Racial Reconciliation | Sep 7, 2021
It happens every year. As the anniversary of the August 12, 2017, Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville approaches, I can feel the anxiety begin...