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Tapestry honoring the late Sidney King.
Pursuing Racial Reconciliation | Feb 12, 2021
The death of a beloved member has inspired Jersey City congregations to delve into and record their history.
Faith Groups
From Canon Clark | Feb 3, 2021
Friday evening, January 29 and Saturday morning, January 30, people from all around our diocese gathered electronically to listen, try out, and learn...
St. Bride by John Duncan (1866-1945). This painting shows angels carrying Brigid (aka Bride) to Bethlehem to assist Mary at the birth of Jesus, as asserted in Scottish folklore.
Episcopal Mental & Spiritual Health Crisis Ministry | Feb 1, 2021
Happy Spring! In the Celtic calendar, at least. The ancient Celts celebrated February 1st as Imbolc, the first day of spring – and in the Christian...
Portrait of Thomas Cranmer by Gerlach Flicke, 1545.
Feature | Jan 19, 2021
A Lenten program created by a liturgy professor and diocesan priest offers a way for congregations to study the Bible within the context of worship...
A Marge Christie Fund grant helped make possible this new A/V equipment at St. Stephen's, Millburn. PAULA TOLAND PHOTO
Feature | Jan 18, 2021
A/V equipment is not inexpensive to obtain, and the increased bandwidth required to leverage them is often costly to install. Diocesan Council saw an...
The Rev. Sylvester Ekunwe of St. Andrew's, Newark (center), with Councilman John Sharpe James of Newark's South Ward (on his right) and members of the 17th and 18th Streets Community Association, in one of the empty lots that will be used for a community garden.
Stories from Our Congregations | Jan 15, 2021
Last year, the food pantry at St. Andrew’s, Newark rose to the challenge of addressing the exploding need caused by the unemployment that...