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United Thank Offering

The United Thank Offering (UTO) supports programs that address compelling human needs by supporting the alleviation of poverty, both domestically and internationally, within the Anglican provinces, dioceses, and companion dioceses.

Specifically, it supports projects that:

  • Address poverty of women and children;
  • Make significant impact;
  • Demonstrate new and innovative work;
  • Are a part of a planned diocesan/provincial mission strategy.

Each diocese in The Episcopal Church may submit one application for a project within the diocese. The bishop must provide a letter of endorsement on letterhead stationary with signature and comments for applications within dioceses of The Episcopal Church.

The diocesan UTO review committee will select one application to submit to the UTO Office of The Episcopal Church, will work with the person completing the application to incorporate any changes or edits, and will arrange for the letter of endorsement. Please email draft applications to the Director of Administration.

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