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Gertrude Butts Scholarship Fund

The Gertrude Butts Fund, a non-profit corporation organized in 1929, and closely affiliated with the Diocese of Newark, seeks applicants for the 2018-2019 academic year. The Fund was established to carry out provisions of the will of George Butts in memory of his daughter Gertrude who died at the age of 14. Income from the fund is used to provide collegiate or vocational scholarship assistance to youth in need in the Diocese of Newark. Application deadline for 2018-2019 academic year: May 4, 2018.

Under the provisions of Mr. Butts’ Will, special emphasis is placed upon those children who are orphaned, half-orphaned, and indigent.

Anyone whose circumstances fit the Fund’s special emphasis, and who is pursuing a collegiate education at the bachelor level, is asked to email his or her name, address, and sponsoring church immediately to: or, mail your letter of request to:

Mrs. Juli S. Towell, Scholarship Chair
Attn: Gertrude Butts Fund Application
96 Old Hollow Road
Short Hills, NJ 07078-2145

Upon receipt of your request, an application package will be sent to you. The completed application package is to include a letter requesting the scholarship, a completed FAFSA form for 2017, the most recent transcript of grades, and a recommending letter from the Vicar or Rector of your current church. All requested materials must be completed and returned by May 4, 2018 via certified mail. Any questions concerning the process may be emailed to the scholarship chair, at