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Diocesan Investment Trust (DIT)

The mission of the Diocesan Investment Trust is to manage the long term investment funds of the diocese and to provide investment options for organizations connected with the diocese.

The DIT provides a professionally managed investment vehicle for congregations and other diocesan entities working with TIAA-CREF. The structure of the Trust permits each participant to choose an appropriate combination of growth and income investments. The DIT Board provides investment strategy oversight to the ACTS/VIM, Ward J. Herbert and Bishop’s Discretionary Funds.


President: The Rt. Rev. Carlye J. Hughes, Ex-Officio
Vice President: Mr. Howard Mackey
Secretary: Mr. Sam Reckford


The Rev. Lauren Ackland
Mr. Thomas Bisdale
Mr. Frank Failla
Ms. Sandra Johnson
Mr. John Morris
Mr. Don Nagle
Mr. Bruce Rudin