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Diocesan Email Lists

These email lists are used for two-way communication among subscribers. As of October 2020, we are using Google groups through G Suite for Non-Profits as our email list platform.

Newark email list

To send and receive emails about diocesan and church events on the Newark Email List, news [at], please subscribe using the form below.

Other email lists

In addition to the Newark email list, Episcopal House maintains smaller email lists for diocesan committees and groups.

Google groups are being set up one at a time to replace the old listsrv technology previously used. The current list of Google groups is below. If you have any questions about an old listserv that has not yet been replaced, please contact Randy Johnson at

  • active-clergy
  • clergy-all
  • deacons
  • diocesancouncil
  • empowering (Diocesan Council Action Team)
  • engaging (Diocesan Council Action Team)
  • equipping (Diocesan Council Action Team)
  • goodliturgy
  • hr
  • musicians
  • namaste
  • paa (Parish Administrators)
  • standingcommittee
  • steeringcommittee
  • stewardship
  • treasurers
  • trustees
  • wardens
Subscribe to the Newark Email List
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Terms of Use

The Newark List has been established to facilitate brief, factual notifications among the clergy and lay people of the diocese and the diocesan offices.

Emails to the Newark List may be sent by diocesan members, on behalf of their church or ministry, to:

  • invite the diocese to an event;
  • advertise a job opening;
  • offer unneeded items "free to a good home;"
  • ask for referrals on vendors or businesses;
  • make a news-worthy announcement.

This list is specifically not to be used for:

  • conversations or opinions, especially about matters that are pastorally or legally sensitive, emotionally charged or require extensive discussion;
  • promoting activities that violate diocesan policies, such as events that include gambling;
  • forwarding emails written by someone else, or quoting someone else without their consent;
  • forwarding jokes, spiritually uplifting stories or anything else of that nature;
  • self-promotion, such as links to a personal blog or business;
  • forwarding links to any website that violates the above terms.

Because subscription is solely voluntary, the Newark List cannot be, and is not represented as a venue for communicating with the entire diocese.

The Communications Office reserves the right to moderate and approve emails sent to the Newark List.

People who do not abide by these terms will be removed from the Newark List.

Adopted by Diocesan Council November 14, 2012

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