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Diocesan Cycle of Prayer

The monthly Cycles of Prayer are listed on the right side of this page under the heading Prayer Lists.

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About the Cycle of Prayer

A few things to remember:

  1. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to our congregations’ worship schedules or practices. Each church varies in their individual approach.
  1. The Cycle of Prayer itself has traditionally been simply an arbitrary listing of subjects. It is more of a ‘checklist’ than a Liturgical calendar where we observe feast days at specific points during the year. There is no rhyme or reason why we have prayed for clergy or congregations in alphabetical order.
  1. The Cycle of Prayer included here is structured to include all congregations, all canonically resident clergy, the ministries and committees of the Diocese of Newark as well as a complete list of all Diocesan & Suffragan Bishops that have been a part of our history. They are organized in the following way:

    1. M – Congregations (usually 2)
    2. T – Th – Individual Clergy
    3. F – Organizations & Bishops
  1. There are no Saturday or Sunday Listings.

    1. For Sundays, the suggestion is to utilize any portion of the week ahead,
    2. For Saturdays, review any portion of the week just past.
    3. What you choose to include should fit your particular methods of prayer.
    4. Some churches may just pray for other congregations, so refer to the listings provided on the Mondays for that week; If you also want to include ministries, utilize the
      Friday listings.
  1. The checklist needs to be simple for Episcopal House to maintain. In prior years, we would spend 3-4 hours per month creating and updating the list, based on how it was structured. (Clergy were linked to congregations – that would need to be verified each time if they moved on or not). We need to focus our time elsewhere. This list will be supplied every six months.
  1. Ultimately, do with this list what you will, it is a resource for all of our congregations. As a checklist of all churches, organizations and people we have traditionally included, it is complete and up to date at this time. How you choose to utilize this list is entirely up to you in your particular circumstance.