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Financial Stewardship Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic brings unique challenges to the financial stewardship of our churches. Here are some resources to help.

See also: Covid-19 Relief Loan Program

Lest we forget
Stewardship Matters | May 28, 2020
As we enter the 12th? The 13th? The four hundred and fifty-seventh week of stay at home? Let's stop for a minute. Let's stop and reflect on what we...
Ministry in a hatchback
Stewardship Matters | Apr 29, 2020
What does ministry look like? Sometimes it looks like an open hatchback.
E-Giving: It's easy and essential!
Stewardship Matters | Mar 25, 2020
If your church does not yet offer online giving, don’t fear! It is easy and you can make it happen now, even away from the church office.
COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019)
Stewardship Matters | Mar 11, 2020
This is being written on March 11. The news is full of scary medical predictions, the store shelves are empty of toilet paper, and we’re all trying...