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Messages from Bishop Hughes

Announcements and vlog posts during the COVID-19 pandemic from Bishop Hughes.

Bishop Carlye J. Hughes
Bishop Hughes' Vlog | Mar 31, 2021
After a year of pandemic, folks are just tired. We've had enough of dealing with pandemic and tragedy and we're ready for something different. And...
COVID-19 Information
Announcement | Mar 30, 2021
An update to the Journey Forward Guidelines was shared with clergy and wardens on Friday, March 26, 2021.
Service of Remembrance & Gratitude
From Bishop Hughes | Mar 13, 2021
The text of Bishop Hughes' sermon at the Service of Remembrance & Gratitude on March 13, 2021.
Live Stream | Mar 13, 2021
On Saturday, March 13, the Diocese of Newark gathered for an online service to honor the memories of those we lost to death and celebrate the many...
Pastoral Letter
From Bishop Hughes | Feb 25, 2021
How shall we keep a Holy Lent this year? It will help to start with where we are right now.
Bishop Carlye J. Hughes
Bishop Hughes' Vlog | Feb 17, 2021
The past 11 months of pandemic seems like one incredibly long Lent, Bishop Hughes notes – but one that also has had much restoration, with prayer,...