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The Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry (COM) assists individuals who would like to discern their possible call to the diaconate or the priesthood and works with individuals who enter the formal process towards ordination.

In addition, the COM seeks to support the ministry of the laity and hopes to develop resources and conduct workshops intended to assist lay persons identify and strengthen their ministries.

In early 2021, the COM began a revisioning and restructuring process, with the intention that it function as one body rather than separate committees on the priesthood and the diaconate. A small team was appointed that reviewed the entire End to End Discernment to Ordination process for both Diaconal and Priestly tracks, beginning from Aspirant through Ordination. After an exhaustive review and careful consideration of the needs of those who are in the discernment process, comprehensive recommendations were made and adopted by the diocese for implementation.

Late in 2022, a new process will be introduced to the diocese that will touch everyone who desires to become ordained. These changes are intended to:

  • strengthen the Ordination process and reinforce the relationship between those in the process and the Bishop;
  • update and refresh education requirements;
  • clarify roles while streamlining the decision process.

These changes will be fully implemented in early 2023.

Note: It is our policy in the Diocese of Newark not to discuss our ordination process as it relates to specific individuals, as all proceedings are confidential.