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Clergy not currently serving in the Diocese of Newark

This directory is for clergy not currently serving at either the parish or the diocesan level, either because they are retired, or they are actively serving elsewhere in the wider Church.

For clergy currently serving at either the parish or the diocesan level, go to the Clergy Directory.

For Deacons only (both active and retired) go to the Deacons Directory.

Clergy Directory

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Clergy Namesort ascending Position Church
The Rev. Phillip D.  Wilson Wilson, The Rev. Phillip D. Retired
The Very Rev. C. David Williams Williams, The Very Rev. C. David Retired
The Rev. Jill Williams Williams, The Rev. Jill
Elizabeth Wigg-Maxwell Wigg-Maxwell, The Rev. Elizabeth
The Rev. Dr. Howard W. Whitaker Whitaker, The Rev. Dr. Howard W. Retired
The Rev. Stephanie Wethered Wethered, The Rev. Stephanie Retired
Photo not available Wajnert, The Rev. Theresa A. Retired
The Rev. Dr. Franklin E. Vilas Jr. Vilas Jr., The Rev. Dr. Franklin E. Retired
The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Tomaine Tomaine, The Rev. Dr. Jane A. Retired
Photo not available Tittle, The Rev. Dr. Darlene Retired
Photo not available Thomas, The Rev. David R. Retired
Photo not available Taylor, The Rev. David K. Retired
The Rev. Margarita O. Swetman Swetman, The Rev. Margarita O. Retired
Photo not available Stout-Kopp, The Rev. Dr. Ronnie
The Rev. Barry L. Stopfel Stopfel, The Rev. Barry L. Retired
The Rev. Deacon Sun-Hwan Spriggs Spriggs, The Rev. Deacon Sun-Hwan Deacon
Photo not available Smith, The Rev. Stuart H. Retired
Photo not available Smith, The Rev. Deacon Lizabeth P. Retired
The Rev. Deacon Sheila Shuford Shuford, The Rev. Deacon Sheila Retired
The Rev. Donald R. Shearer Shearer, The Rev. Donald R. Retired
The Rev'd S. Elizabeth Searle Searle, The Rev. S. Elizabeth Retired
The Rev. Lois J. Schembs Schembs, The Rev. Lois J. Retired
Photo not available Salt, The Rev. Alfred L. Retired
Photo not available Salmon, The Rev. John F. Retired
The Rev. David Rude Rude, The Rev. David Retired
Photo not available Rose, The Rev. Dr. Joy A. Retired
The Rev. Juan Rosario De La Cruz Rosario De La Cruz, The Rev. Juan
Photo not available Riker, The Rev. William Retired
The Rev. Canon Wade A. Renn Renn, The Rev. Canon Wade A. Retired
Photo not available Reinfeld-Haridis, The Rev. Margaret Retired
Photo not available Read, The Rev. Deacon Nancy Retired
Photo not available Rawson, The Rev. William L. Retired
The Rev. Cathy Quinn Quinn, The Rev. Cathy Rafferty
The Rev. Joseph S. Pickard Pickard, The Rev. Joseph S. Retired
The Rev. Deacon Linda (Lind) Phillips Phillips, The Rev. Deacon Linda (Lind) Retired
The Rev. Dr. Shane Phelan Phelan, The Rev. Dr. Shane Retired
The Rev. Dr. Christine Pae Pae, The Rev. Dr. Christine
The Rev. Sr. Barbara Jean Packer Packer, The Rev. Sr. Barbara Jean Retired Community of St. John Baptist, Mendham
The Rev. Margaret Otterburn Otterburn, The Rev. Margaret Retired
The Rev. Deacon Elizabeth Ostuni Ostuni, The Rev. Deacon Elizabeth Retired
Photo not available Oh, The Rev. David Young Sam Retired
Joanne O'Neill O'Neill, The Rev. Deacon Joanne Retired
Photo not available Neglia, The Rev. Dwight L. Retired
Photo not available McIntosh, The Rev. Kendra
Photo not available Matarazzo, The Rev. Laurie Retired
The Rev. Kathleen (Kay) Locke Locke, The Rev. Kathleen (Kay)
Photo not available Lindstrom, The Rev. Marjorie D. Retired
Photo not available Lincoln, The Rev. Thomas C. Retired
Photo not available Lewis, The Rev. Mark A. Retired
The Rev. Dr. Walter E. Lewis Lewis, The Rev. Dr. Walter E. Retired
Photo not available Lee, The Rev. Hosea Mun-Yong Retired
The Rev. Daniel W. Kreller Kreller, The Rev. Daniel W. Retired
Photo not available Koeniger, The Rev. Margaret (Bambi) Smithers Retired
The Rev. Anne E. Koehler Koehler, The Rev. Anne E. Retired
Photo not available Kimmick, The Rev. Donald W. Retired
The Rev. Alexei Khamin Khamin, The Rev. Alexei
Photo not available Kern, The Rev. David P. Retired
The Rev. Briggett J. Keith Keith, The Rev. Briggett J. Retired
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth M.C. Kaeton Kaeton, The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth M.C. Hospice Chaplain, Pastoral Counselor, Assisting Priest - All Saint's, Rehoboth Beach and St. George's, Harbeson DE
Photo not available Holtman, The Rev. Kimberly
The Rev. Deacon Jeanette Hile Hile, The Rev. Deacon Jeanette Retired
The Rev. Edward M. Hasse III Hasse III, The Rev. Edward M. Retired
The Rev. Canon John G. Hartnett Hartnett, The Rev. Canon John G. Retired
Photo not available Hamilton, The Rev. Abigail Retired
Photo not available Habecker, The Rev. John Retired
Photo not available Guthrie, The Rev. William A. Retired
The Rev. Deacon Jacques Girard Girard, The Rev. Deacon Jacques Retired
Photo not available Gerhardt, The Rev. Michael Joseph Retired
Photo not available Gat, The Rev. Margaret A. (Maggie) Retired
The Rev. Mariano Gargiulo Gargiulo, The Rev. Mariano Retired
Photo not available Gannon, The Rev. William S. Retired
Photo not available Gambrill, The Rev. James Retired
Photo not available Gable, The Rev. David Retired
Photo not available Fox III, The Rev. Frederick C. Retired
The Rev. Elizabeth Edman Edman, The Rev. Elizabeth
The Rev. Deacon Karen A. Eberhardt Eberhardt, The Rev. Deacon Karen A.
The Revs. F. Ellen A. Donnelly & John Donnelly Donnelly, The Rev. F. Ellen A. Retired
The Rev. Virginia (Ginny) Dinsmore Dinsmore, The Rev. Virginia (Ginny)
The Rev. David DeSmith DeSmith, The Rev. David Retired
Davis, The Rev. Orion W. Retired
The Rev. Mary Elizabeth Davis Davis, The Rev. Mary Elizabeth Retired
Photo not available David, The Rev. Jacob T. Retired
The Rev. Geoffrey B. Curtiss Curtiss, The Rev. Geoffrey B. Retired: Spiritual Counselor, Hudson County Correction Center
The Rev. Diana D. Clark Clark, The Rev. Diana D. Retired
The Rev. Shawn Carty Carty, The Rev. Shawn
The Rev. Dr. David Cabush Cabush, The Rev. Dr. David Retired; Chaplain, Heath Village, Hackettstown, NJ
Byrum, The Rev. Dr. Emory E. Retired
The Rev. Esar Budhu Budhu, The Rev. Esar Retired
The Rev. Ally Brundige Brundige, The Rev. Ally Chaplain, Choate Rosemary Hall School, Wallingford, CT
The Rev. Robert Browning Browning, The Rev. Robert Retired
Photo not available Brdlik, The Rev. Christopher Retired
Photo not available Boyle, The Rev. Peter Retired
The Rev. Maylin Biggadike Biggadike, The Rev. Maylin Retired
The Rev. R. Douglas Bendall, Ph.D. Bendall, The Rev. R. Douglas, Ph.D. Founder and President, The Newark School of Theology
The Rt. Rev. Mark M. Beckwith, 10th Bishop of Newark Beckwith, The Rt. Rev. Mark M. 10th Bishop of Newark, Retired
Photo not available Beach, The Rev. Dr. Diana Retired
The Rev. J. Barrington (Barrie) Bates Bates, The Rev. J. Barrington (Barrie) Retired
Photo not available Barrett, The Rev. Timothy
Sr. Helena (The Rev. Helena) Barrett Barrett, the Rev Dr Ellen Marie (Sr. Helena) Retired
The Rev. Melanie Barbarito Barbarito, The Rev. Melanie Retired
Photo not available Baldwin, The Rev. Judith Retired
Photo not available Arlin, The Rev. Charles Retired
The Rev. Richard B. Andersen Andersen, The Rev. Richard B. Retired
The Rev. Michael Allen Allen, The Rev. Michael Retired
The Rev. Lauren Ackland Ackland, The Rev. Lauren Retired