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Holy Trinity, West Orange

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Detail of an online map provided by The Episcopal Church showing the percentage of Spanish speakers in the area surrounding Holy Trinity, West Orange.
Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month | Oct 3, 2023
Over the last few years its clergy, the Rev. Dr. Miguel Hernandez, Priest-in-Charge, and the Rev. Deacon Peter Jackson, have built an active ministry...
Holy Trinity's God, Science and Art Summer Program
Stories from Our Congregations | Sep 29, 2023
Holy Trinity, West Orange held its annual God, Science, and Art Summer Program for the youth of the Church and the surrounding community. The program...
The Rev. Dr. Miguel A. Hernandez (back row, third from right) at the ordination of four Deacons from the first graduating class of El Seminario Episcopal Anglicano de El Salvador, where he serves on the faculty and as an academic adviser.
Feature | Jun 13, 2023
From May 30 to June 7 I was in El Salvador for a week of mission work. My original plan was to offer a workshop on Evangelism and to attend the...