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Author Shannon Falkner (right) and Meghan Marohn present “The Climate Crisis and Its Solutions" at Redeemer, Morristown. CYNTHIA BLACK PHOTO
Church News | May 2, 2017
What drew me to join a faith community is the same draw that led me to climate activism. I wasn’t raised in a traditionally religious household, so...
L-r: Allison Clarke, Joanne Douds, Eva Kresofsky, Bob Kresofsky, Nana Furman of GreenFaith, and Patrice Henderson. SANDYE WILSON PHOTO
Church News | May 2, 2017
On March 12, 2017, the congregation of St. Andrew & Holy Communion (SAHC) in South Orange successfully concluded an eight-year effort when...
Transitioning from driver to passenger
Senior Ministries | Apr 18, 2017
We’ve all seen it – the little old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel, the old man who drives 5 miles down the highway with his blinker...
Good Friday Stations of the Cross at sites of violent crimes in Jersey City
Media Coverage & Photo Gallery | Apr 17, 2017
For the fourth Good Friday in a row, the three Episcopal congregations in Jersey City – St. Paul's in Bergen, Grace Van Vorst and Incarnation –...
Feature | Apr 13, 2017
They mingled among the Palm Sunday crowd at Christ Church in Bloomfield & Glen Ridge, but there was something different about these strangers....
A Matter of Faith with a Bishop, and Imam and a Rabbi
Bishop Beckwith on NJTV | Apr 12, 2017
Explore headlining issues through a multi-faith lens as Bishop Mark Beckwith, Imam W. Deen Shariff and Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz lead conversations with...