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NEW: Revised Resolution and answers to questions, with a letter from the HR Committee

To: Members of the Special Convention (Lay Deputies and Clergy)
From: The Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Human Resources and Benefits (The HR Committee)
Date: June 5, 2012

You received a package of materials in early May, with the text and explanation of a resolution to be discussed and voted on at the Special Convention this Saturday, June 9, 2012.  During the past month, there has been discussion around the diocese of that resolution and its possible ramifications. The HR Committee has reviewed the input received and revised the proposed resolution. The revised resolution is attached. In addition, the Committee has attempted to answer some questions that have been raised with the attached Questions/Answers document. If there are more questions, we propose those be answered at Convention on Saturday.

Following General Convention in 2009, the HR Committee was asked to develop a proposal for the diocese concerning the implementation of the mandated Denominational Health Plan (DHP). We have spent nearly three years doing that, in conversation with as many people, groups, and constituencies in the diocese as we could, bringing to the table our experiences as professionals and as faithful people and leaders of our congregations and of the diocese. Our role now is to ensure, to the extent possible, that those who have been elected to serve this Diocese as voting members of the Special Convention understand what they are being asked to decide.

The HR Committee doesn’t have a "position" that has to counter "an opposing position." We have made a recommendation for the Convention to discuss, amend as it sees fit, and approve. The Committee’s role is to continue to provide our experience and expertise, and will, if asked, point out what we understand to be potential implications of proposed amendments so that Convention can make an informed choice. Ultimately it is the people of the Diocese of Newark, through their elected deputies and clergy, who will decide how the mandated DHP should be implemented in our part of God’s kingdom.

We look forward to continuing to provide assistance to the Diocese and to Convention. If you have additional questions, it would be helpful if you forwarded them to us in advance so we have time to research, if necessary. The members of the HR Committee can be reached through Michael Francaviglia (, who serves as staff to the Committee, or through Linda Curtiss (, who serves as Chair.

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Jun 5, 2012