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Demographic information for churches in the Diocese of Newark

The Episcopal Church provides information regarding the demographics and other information for the area surrounding each of the churches in our diocese. This report is free and is readily available.

The purpose of a church’s ExecutiveInsite report is to “tell the demographic story” of the defined geographic study area. ExecutiveInsite integrates narrative analysis with data tables and graphs. Playing on the report name, it includes 12 “Insites” into the study area’s story.

The 12 Insites

Insite #1: Population, Household Trends
Insite #2: Racial/Ethnic Trends
Insite #3: Age Trends
Insite #4: School Aged Children Trends
Insite #5: Household Income Trends
Insite #6: Households and Children Trends
Insite #7: Marital Status Trends
Insite #8: Adult Educational Attainment
Insite #9: Employment and Occupations
Insite #10: Mosaic Household Types
Insite #11: Charitable Giving Practices
Insite #12: Religious Program Or Ministry Preferences

The report includes both demographic, beliefs and practices data. ExecutiveInsite is intended to give an overview analysis of the defined geographic study area.

You can access the report for your church by going to In the drop-down box, first enter Newark as the diocese, and then enter your church name. Then click on “View Community Profile” and the report will appear.