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Church Financial Assistance Request Worksheet

The diocese will request financial assistance from Episcopal Relief & Development to help abate costs for congregations that provided assistance to their communities during Hurricane Sandy, the extended power outages and the exacerbating effects of the Nor’easter.

In order to assess the financial assistance we will request, we need you to complete the attached Church Financial Assistance Request Worksheet developed for this purpose. The information you provide will help us to accurately capture those costs incurred by your congregations during your relief efforts.

This worksheet must be submitted as an attachment to the Church Financial Assistance Request from ERD form no later than December 21, 2012.

As you are providing actual costs incurred, please also take a moment and think about what some of your long-term needs might be in the event of future emergencies and/or disasters. ERD has indicated that they will consider costs for long term planning and contingency needs.

If you need assistance in thinking about how to develop a church response plan for emergencies/disasters and would like to seek additional funding for this purpose, please contact Deacon Chris McCloud, Diocesan Disaster Coordinator, who can assist you in the development of this type of future planning ( or 908-591-7191).

Resource Date: 
Nov 26, 2012