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Organizational Journey

The primary focus of this work is shifting the culture and structure of the diocese as an organization from a regulatory and customer service agency to partners and companions in mission. It includes the work described in the congregational and clergy journeys, short-term problem solving through Action Learning Teams, ongoing work with governance groups, and diocesan staff development.

As we engaged with more and more congregations and clergy in 2014 and early 2015, we discovered key challenges that we needed to face together if we are to live into God’s mission. To engage those challenges, lay and clergy from several congregations came together to explore those challenges in the form of Action Learning Teams.

Currently, there are two Action Learning Teams working on a question involving the church that is emerging in the 21st Century and the challenge of leadership for this church.

Dispatches from the Journey

Joining God in Shaping Our Future
August 13, 2018
Two Action Learning Teams (ALTs), working from September 2018 to January 2019, were gathered to engage the following challenges: Primary Questions...
Bishop Mark Beckwith
January 27, 2018
This year, Bishop Beckwith gave his annual Convention address in three parts, on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. The video...
The Rev. Sheelagh Clarge at St. Luke's in Montclair's Pumpkin Fest. KATHY DEWALT PHOTO
October 16, 2017
It’s been six weeks since I started as Interim Coordinator for Youth & Young Adult Ministries on September 1, and I wanted to give an...
Video demonstration of Dwelling in the Word
September 5, 2017
In August 2017, seven people from around the Episcopal Diocese of Newark agreed to be videorecorded as they practiced Dwelling in the Word using Luke...
A Youth Listening Event at St. Alban's, Oakland/Franklin Lakes. JOHN KING PHOTO
April 4, 2017
In response to the departure of the diocese’s Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries, diocesan staff formed an exploratory team that...
Joining God in Shaping Our Future
March 14, 2017
Over the past year, many in our diocese have been dwelling in the third chapter of Joshua. In this story, our spiritual ancestors, led by Joshua, are...
Listening Excursion attendees Dwelling in the Word. NINA NICHOLSON PHOTO
March 14, 2017
On Saturday, March 4, 125 individuals representing 43 congregations attended the kick-off gathering for the three-month “Listening Excursion...
Joining God in shaping our future
February 1, 2017
This 143rd Annual Diocesan Convention - "Joining God in Shaping Our Future" - was different from any Convention before it. All interested...
Bishop Mark Beckwith
January 28, 2017
This year, Bishop Beckwith gave his annual Convention address in three parts, on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. The text...
Author Barbara Djimopoulos and other members of the Harrington Park "Going Local" guiding team stand in front of their Dream Board at the October 1 meeting. L-r: Paul Shackford, Barbara Djimopoulos, Coach Deborah Drake, Kathy Ferdinand and Cathie Ruppi. NINA NICHOLSON PHOTO
October 31, 2016
Acting on a promise made at Diocesan Convention, last June four teams of clergy and lay leaders developed innovative experiments to help the diocese...