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New Experience: Bar Tending

Recently the five of us from the Newark House were asked to assist at Turning Point's 10th Anniversary Celebration. We showed up early to help set up, then we were taught how to bar-tend. Water, soda, wine. What an experience. Now, I am a pretty novice wine drinker, so when I was asked which of the wines goes best with fruit, I was lost. Luckily the guests were not offended at our lack of knowledge. Many people were content at watching us try to open the bottles of wine, try to pick out the bottle that best met their wishes, and try to pour each glass with relatively the same amount of wine. I always love learning new skills! At the end of the celebration, we all helped clean up, wash dishes, and even were allowed to take home lots & lots of leftover food, wine, and pumpkin decorations!

Thank you to, Christine McCloud for all your great work with Turning Point. It was a great event!


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