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Online Meditations

Published daily during Advent and Lent.

tealights glowing in a darkened space
March 9, 2017
John 3:16-21 Jesus says that people love the darkness rather than the light because their deeds are evil (verse 19) This passage reminds me of a...
lit votives in a darkened room
March 8, 2017
Necessary, but not Sufficient When [Jesus] was in Jerusalem during the Passover festival, many believed in his name because they saw the signs that...
lit tealights in a darkened room
March 7, 2017
John 2: 17  “Zeal for your house consumes me. “ Jesus was passionate about stopping the shopping mall going on in the Temple....
Lenten Meditation
March 6, 2017
John 2:1-12 (The Wedding at Cana) “My time has not yet come,” Jesus said. “Yes, it has,” said Mary. Yes, Jesus’ time...
image of a grey Steeple cross against a blue sky with trees in leaf
March 5, 2017
Almighty God, whose blessed Son was led by the Spirit to be tempted by Satan: Come quickly to help us who are assaulted by many temptations; and, as...
Abstract painting entitled "light of the world", streaks of green, red,pink, blue and indigo
March 4, 2017
Simultaneously, my ears are constantly assaulted by 24 hour traffic speeding by on the other side of the berm, while my eyes look into the Nature...
Lenten Meditation
March 3, 2017
Come let us sing to the LORD, let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving and raise a loud...
Lenten Meditation
March 2, 2017
As I read through the appointed readings for today I felt warmed by the positive messages in the Psalm and the Gospel. Indeed, this portion of John...
Palms, brazier, and mortal and pestle used to create ashes
March 1, 2017
Every year, during the Pancake Supper, we take the children outside to burn the palms into ashes for Ash Wednesday. In the darkness, the fire catches...
February 14, 2017
Lenten email meditations will be published starting Ash Wednesday, March 1, and continuing through and including Holy Saturday, April 15. As in...