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What's Gods's and What's Ours- Meditation for Wednesday of Advent I

Advent wreath with one lit candle.

Two men were talking about what they owed God. The first man said that all things came from God and he returned to God ten percent of what was in fact God’s.

The second sman aw himself as a self-made man and didn’t think that he owed God anything. To make his point, he took out his wallet, withdrew all of his cash, threw it up into the air and shouted, “God, take what you want!”

As the bills floated to the ground, he fell over dead.

A voice came from heaven, “I don’t want your cash. I have what is mine.”

The readings for Wednesday in Advent I are Psalm 119:1-24 , Isa. 2:1-11, 1 Thess. 2:13-20, Luke 20:19-26


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