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Lenten Meditation for Wednesday March 7

Lenten Meditations

Genesis 45:16-28

In today’s reading from Genesis, Joseph has been reunited with his brothers and is now sending them back home to pack up their belongings and come to live in Egypt.  He showers them with gifts and abundance for their father.  But he adds a warning: “do not quarrel on the way.” Why would they quarrel if they had the good news for their father that his beloved son was alive and not dead as they previously had told him?  Of course, they have to decide who is going to tell their father they had lied all those years ago.   How are they going to explain their behavior?  Have you ever thought about their dilemma and how they dealt with it?  How did they live with their deceit for all those years?                                           

In the Gospel we read that Herodias had a grudge against John the Baptist.  Nursing a grudge can eat into your heart.  Today reflect if anything is eating into your soul which you can release.  What do you need to do?  How and when are you going to deal with it?                                                                                               

Loving God, forgive the wrong I have done and help me be rid of resentment in my soul.  Amen


Psalm 119:97-120 / Psalm 81 / Psalm 82 

Genesis 45:16-28

1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Mark 6:13-29


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