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Lenten Meditation -Wednesday February 21

Lenten Meditations


Grounded in God’s Love but Where are My Feet?

Is it me or has the week and weekend blurred so much it no longer reflects any connotation of “time off”.  Mark tells us Jesus clearly needs the time off.  He goes to a deserted place to pray after a full day of healing. He needs to be re-grounded in God.  Refreshed enough so he can do it again.  Good advice.  God’s promise is my comfort in my trouble. And that promise does not disappoint but gives me life. The psalmist was on to something.

A few months ago, I attended a retreat focused on mindfulness and how it relates to self-care.  Amid the many wonderful teachings of the day, one question in particular has become my mantra this Lent.   Whenever my mind travels back to some scene from the day or worse to the future where my long to-do list looms, I hear a still small voice ask, “Where are my feet?”  Immediately I get the moment back and everything in it, the sky, the trees, the dog barking, the baby crying and of course I’m am reminded of the God and creator of all.  I breathe.  Thank you Jesus.  The earth O Lord is full of your love.  Indeed.



Psalm 119:49-72 / Psalm 49
Genesis 37:25-36

1 Corinthians 2:1-13

Mark 1:29-45

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